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925 SILVER RING CZ | 9220621

OMBRE; Bright and shiny, bold and beautiful.. What a wonderful piece of jewelry is this silver finger ring! Embellished with tiny

925 SILVER RING CZ | 9220721

RESPLANDECIENTE; We bring you a perfect example of “artisan crafted sophistication”. Unique cut-work pattern, radiant cubic zirconia stones and a delicate

925 SILVER RING CZ | 9220651

RELUCIENTE; Are you in search of a beautiful, masterful design finger ring that never goes out of fashion? You’re at the

925 SILVER RING CZ | 9220681

LUEUR; This remarkable finger ring is everything you expect in precious jewelry. Made delicately of silver, with cubic zirconia stones all

925 SILVER RING CZ | 9220741

PLATEADO; Stones can say much. Let this beautiful silver finger ring adorned with cubic zircon stones, speak about you. Featuring dollar

925 SILVER RING CZ | 9220801

ARGENTINO; Worth every penny, this silver ring with money dollar sign is difficult to ignore. Embellished with beautiful white cubic zirconia

925 SIVER RING CZ | 9220771

PREDIRE; What a divine piece of jewelry this silver ring is! Featuring holy Cross sign, this finger ring powerfully symbolizes

SILVER RING CZ | 9220601

COUCHE BRILLANTE; Frost yourself and get your sparkle one. Astonishingly adorned with white cubic zirconia stones in its over all setting,