Where do we ship out of - where are we based?

  • We are based in Houston, Texas since the inception of our company which is June 2000 and our distribution center is located at Houston, Texas

How do I establish a Drop Ship/Reseller account with your company?

  • Simply, go to our website, stallionjewelers.com and register yourself in under 30 seconds.  Once you have established your email and password, you can view all our wholesale pricing available to retailers only across the globe.

Can I buy Lite Bulk in wholesale?

  • Yes, absolutely.  Please register yourself on our website and place your order seamlessly on our website with your choice of products and quantities.  Remember, our wholesale minimum is only $300 with no MOQ's.  One of our sales agents will be happy to call and assist you once we received your order and establish rapport for future business dealings.

How long have you been drop shipping?

  • We have been in the business of Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry and Watch wholesale business since September 1, 2000 (20 years +) and we started drop shipping in 2018.  Our site is stallionjewelers.com

Do you sell online or via your showroom to end consumers?

  • Since our inception, we have not sold to the end consumer - our focus is to provide highest quality service and products to our retailers - therefore we are strictly a B2B entity since beginning.

Is there a commitment and contract to sign to drop ship your products?

  • None - there is NO commitment, NO monthly subscription fee, NO setup fees.

Is there a drop shipping fee?

  • Yes, in order to provide high quality, timely and most efficient service, we charge a $5 per item shipped fee which includes a leather drawstring pouch in a bubble padded envelope and our handling charge.

How quickly do you ship?

  • For standard stocked items, we ship within 1-2 business days - if you need something shipped the same day - just email us after sending the order and we can attend to it.  For items that are custom, for example, photo pendants, we ship in 4-7 business days since it involves printing, laminating, cutting and packaging.

How do you package your products?

  • We package each item in a white leatherette draw string pouch that says "Thank You" so each end consumer has a wonderful experiencing receiving their jewelry or watch piece.  Additionally we use padded envelopes to securely package each item so it reaches the destination safely and securely.

What are your domestic shipping options and how will it take before my customer receives the package?

  • Within the USA, the most affordable and secure shipping courier is USPS.  We have a daily pickup for USPS and for most items, the cost is $3.50 per item shipped and turn around time is 3-7 business days.  For items larger and heavier, we prefer to send USPS via priority mail and cost is $8 and turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

Do you ship International?

  • Yes, we most certainly do.  Last year, we shipped to over 35 countries.  Primarily USPS is most cost effective but in certain cases where reliability becomes an issue, we prefer to use UPS, FedEx or DHL for those occasions.

How do I place orders with you?

  • You have options - 
    1) you can send us an email with your order summary including packing slip and shipping label by 11 a.m. CST followed by a call to our warehouse,just one time, and we can ship the item for you practically that same business day. 
    2) We can set up a drobox folder for you where you can insert the same information so we can retrieve it easily and do the needful 
    3) you can be a part of Spocket  which is an intermediary app connecting you, the merchant to us, the supplier, offering you seamless integration with your website and ours.  
    You can, with a click of a button, import all of our products to your site (edit anything you want), send sales orders directly to us with a click of a button, and get automatic tracking updates once we pack, fill and ship your orders.  You simply sit back and watch your orders being fulfilled.  You will automatically receive your funds directly from Spocket and so will we.  No mess.   If you do not prefer any of these methods and have something else in mind, contact us.

How do I check inventory levels?

  • Again, you have several options - 
    1) if you are connected to Spocket - the third party intermediary which connects your site to ours, you have instant access to our inventory and inventory stock.  
    2) you can be set up to receive Product data feed from us, twice a week - every Monday and Thursday at 9 a.m. 
    This will be a complete list of our products and inventory count.  Once you are onboard, let our drop ship specialist know that you'd like to be on the list.  Share your email with us via WhatsApp and we'll do the needful.   3) you can download third party apps like SYNCIO to connect directly to our website built on Shopify platform to get live updates every second.

Will I have an assigned account rep?

  • Absolutely, each client is assigned an account rep directly from our Drop Shipping Department.  You will be in direct contact with the representative through WhatsApp and email for timely communications.

What zip code do you ship from?

  • Since inception, we have been located in Houston, Texas .

What warranty do you offer on your products?

  • Our products come in the form of jewelry and watches.  Our watches come with a two year limited warranty on the movement of the watch.  Our jewelry items come with the manufacturer's defect warranty.  For additional details, please review our  Guidelines tab.

What is your return policy?

  • We realize clients may change their mind upon receiving the items in person and due to that we have created a refund/return policy.  Therefore it depends on the reasons for the return and we have specifically shared clear guidelines on accepting and validating returns in the document.  Please read at your leisure.  

Do you charge tax?

  • No.  We are a wholesaler and carry a wholesale license.  Since we are engaged in the sale of goods for resale use, there is no tax that is due on the purchase of our goods.

Do you do sample order?

  • Yes.  Our sample order amount needs to be $300 in wholesale value with no minimum quantities. You can directly purchase it as a reseller off of our website by adding items to your cart and finishing your sample purchase by completing the sale on checkout page.

What sort of product details and photography do you provide?

  • Our team works diligently on all products by providing you quality copy writing on each product including a short description of the product, detailed specifications, origin of country, packaging, dimensions, plating and stone details.  Additionally, we provide you with multiple professional images on each product (min. 3) and sometimes accompanied by video which consists of lifestyle photos and white background images plus an infographic image as well.

Do you have any restrictions of representing your goods in any marketplace?

  • No.  You are free to sell anywhere you are allowed to and have accounts setup with.  We have no marketplace restrictions on our products and neither is there any need to inform us.

Do your products come with UPC codes?

  • Yes majority of our products come with a Universal Product Code.  This will allow you to sell the product freely on any marketplace requiring you to have UPC labeled products.

Do you offer white label and private label?

  • Yes, absolutely.  We drop ship all products using white label strategy.  The package will never contain any of our branded or company material. This is solely to protect your privacy and strengthen our relationship with you, the retailer.  We have no interest in selling to the end consumer.  The packing slip will contain your brand name and your address which will appear on the parcel.  Additionally, if you had your own pouches, boxes or gift cards to insert in each package, we will gladly handle that insourcing for you for a small fee of $1.50 per shipped item.

Do you offer Blind Drop Shipping?

  • Yes we do.  This means that the parcel label will read “Fulfillment Center” or “Warehouse” as the business name.  By no means, we want end customers to find out our address as our focus is only the retailer and reseller, therefore all your shipping labels will have your address and name on the label as if you were directly shipping it from your address or fulfillment center.